Cosmetic Ingredients Online Course

Cosmetic Ingredient Knowledge – This educational activity has been approved for 6 CEs


Course Objectives:  

1. Interpret the different cosmetic skin care ingredients  

2. Describe the different skin care ingredients function on the skin  

3. Classify skin care ingredients into sub categories  

4. Recognize skin types and conditions  

A review must be completed at the close of this course to receive completion certificate.

PLEASE CONTACT US AT: [email protected] before you start the course or if you have questions during the course. Please download the PDF's located in the welcome section, you will need them for the lectures.

Our on-line "skin care ingredient knowledge"  class is created for all estheticians and anyone in the skin care industry who want to have a more profound knowledge of how ingredients work for the skin.

All individuals who work with the skin should understand what is being used on their client's skin at all times, and how to educate their client on what is best for their skin based on product ingredients, not hype.

In this video based class Michele Phelan, RA, LE, CIDESCO will take you through the following:

* Review of skin types, many  skin conditions, and skin science

* Understanding of some basic ingredient chemistry

* Understanding the structure of skin care products

* Detail break down of the most common skin care ingredients used in products today. Including: Base ingredients, humectents, emulsifiers, active ingredients, thickeners and preservatives.....

* Understanding of many "active ingredients" that benefit the skin and how they work for the skin, and where they are derived from:

* Poly-peptides

*Alpha and Beta Hydroxy acids

* Digestive skin enzymes

* DNA repair enzymes



* Aromatherapy oils/essential oils

* And many more........

This is an eight hour class. You will have 30 days to complete the class and take the final exam which will be sent to you at the close of the course. Upon passing the course with a 75% pass mark or higher you will receive your completion certificate in "skin care cosmetic ingredients" from Concepts Institute of Advanced Esthetics. This class is available to your for 40 days from the start time. If you need more time, please request an extension prior to the end of this time frame.

This is a video based class and requires that you down load the power point, as the power point will help direct you. There are mini self quizzes written into the power point and you can take notes on your power point. Or pull it up on your desk top while watching the course. It is advised to use a computer or I-pad while taking the course for best results.

There are downloadable articles on skin care products and aromatherapy written by Michele Phelan in the active ingredient section. The downloadable power point is after the welcome page.

When you are through with this course, please request that your test be emailed to you. Once you complete your test with a 75% pass mark or higher your certificate will be sent to you.

If at any time you have questions you can contact your educator, Michele Phelan. Michele's contact information is: [email protected].

Once purchased, sorry no refunds.